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Say goodbye to BLISTERS!

Has rowing made your hands raw with blisters? We literally feel your pain!  Rowing Hands founder and masters rower Sean Durkin knows firsthand the pain caused by years of rowing. That’s why we’ve formulated a 100% natural lanolin-based cream just for you. Soothing Rowing Hands not only helps prevent blisters but also promotes healing. It protects, prevents and heals. What could be better? Order now to get relief on the way.

Order now and we will include the exclusive secrets to sculling in our article  “Grasshopper Rowing”.  Have you always wanted to learn the elusive secrets to sculling?  We’ve worked with World Champion rowers to find the most concise and applicable lessons so you can master the art of sculling.

Does Rowing Hands really work?  See what our customers say…..

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“I love Rowing Hands and have used it all season since we’ve been able to row beginning in May.  My hands have been saved this summer and we’ve rowed a lot.”    Sue- Litchfield Hills Rowing Club

“I’ve loved using your product.  Sometimes I use it as a recovery after rowing or kettlebell work.  Sometimes I’ll use it before a row.  All of my rowing is on the Erg, it works fantastic.”   Nathan- AZ

Rowing Hands is specifically formulated for rowers of all ages, and is available in an easy to use container you can tuck in your rowing shorts or uni.  You only need a very small amount to protect your hands, then you can focus on enjoying rowing and perfecting your technique instead of worrying about painful blisters.

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While rowing in College my teammates and I struggled with blistered hands, our team practiced and raced up to six days a week so it was necessary to take good care of our hands.  We tried everything from tape, hand creams, super glue and just about anything we could to keep our hands from getting more blisters but, it seemed that nothing worked…until now!

Sean Durkin

-Rowing Hands Founder & Masters Rower

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