We’ll let our customers tell you:

“Blistering has been a problem for me in the past and I was hyper-cautious about the run up to Head of the Charles.  Went so far as to use gloves over my taped up hands…but losing the touch and feel connection with your oar grips is not a good thing at all.

After our weekend in Boston, I was able to sneak in a 10k row on Tuesday back home on Greenwood Lake.

I applied the Rowing Hands for the first time before heading out and was amazed that even my ‘hot spots’ sailed through the full 10k without flaring or any discomfort.  Full disclosure…I brought my adhesive tape just in case, but never even considered using it along the way. 

I love things that work, and Rowing Hands seems to absolutely be one of my newest ‘things’!”


“We found out about your marvelous product at Craftsbury, where 4 of us including Christa from SRA were there together.

I’m have been rowing with blisters for years…until now, — thanks for saving my hands!”

“My daughter’s hands are SOOOOO much better.  She has shared your product with her team mates and a few of the girls have purchased some.