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“Blistering has been a problem for me in the past and I was hyper-cautious about the run up to Head of the Charles.  Went so far as to use gloves over my taped up hands…but losing the touch and feel connection with your oar grips is not a good thing at all.

After our weekend in Boston, I was able to sneak in a 10k row on Tuesday back home on Greenwood Lake.

I applied the Rowing Hands for the first time before heading out and was amazed that even my ‘hot spots’ sailed through the full 10k without flaring or any discomfort. 

I love things that work, and Rowing Hands seems to absolutely be one of my newest ‘things’!”


I row out on the Great Salt Lake with the Great Salt Lake Rowing club. And I actually heard about Rowing Hands from one of our members – his dad rows about 7-8k per day and swears by it.

We had particularly rough water last Saturday, but fortunately this member had brought his tin of Rowing Hands so I was able to try it out in some pretty extreme conditions. I was happy to find that after 8.5k in a single, battling some of the biggest rollers I’ve experienced, I had ZERO new blisters!

So yeah, I came home and immediately bought some for myself 🙂


“We found out about your marvelous product at Craftsbury, where 4 of us including Christa from SRA were there together.

I’m have been rowing with blisters for years…until now, — thanks for saving my hands!”

“My daughter’s hands are SOOOOO much better.  She has shared your product with her team mates and a few of the girls have purchased some.

I love the product and have used it all season since we’ve been able to row beginning in May. My hands have been saved this summer and we’ve rowed a lot.   

Thanks and I’ll get more next year.  I still have some and perhaps will try this winter on erg as well. 


I’ve loved using your product.  Sometimes I use it as a recovery after rowing or kettlebell work.  Sometimes I’ll use it before a row.  All of my rowing is on the Erg, but it works fantastic.  I’ve pitched it numerous times to my rowing group Dark Horse Rowing and know I’ve sent at least a couple of people your way as they now recommend it in the group as well.

Thanks for making a great product.


I row as part of East Bay Rowing Club in Oakland. I had a nasty thumb blister and a teammate shared her Rowing Hands with me and told me I wouldn’t believe how well it works. I knew I had to get some as soon as I got home and it’s all healed today…just after the first application. Thank you, I’m looking forward to rowing now!


Thanks for the Rowing Hands! They came just in time for our regatta this weekend at Oak Ridge! It was in the 90s with unyielding sun, but or hands didn’t slip, even on our slippery fat oar handles! Thanks so much!


I row 10k-13k everyday at the Row House gym. I love Rowing Hands, it really does prevent blisters

Tom Burns

No more blisters! 🙂


I saw Rowing Hands at a few regattas but, I didn’t purchase any because I had become a glove woman. This past year I decided to go bare, and this last week we are back in big boats with bigger oars and all new blisters!  I was taping and gloving when two teammates pulled out Rowing Hands. It did its job. I will help proselytize!


This stuff is AMAZING! Rowed in the water in groups of 6 for 1.5 hours and my hands have no evidence of friction, redness, or tenderness.  Had a few people try it so they may be ordering some too.

Thanks again for such a great product.

Marlena from Oklahoma City

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